Rhythms: Fasting

My first real experience with fasting took place in college. I was assigned a three day detox fast as a requirement for yoga. Yes, I took yoga for college credit. College can be a beautiful thing. Do a little stretching; get an A. Don’t judge me. I couldn’t touch my toes and needed to get more limber. We had two options for this detox fast: three days only drinking water, mixed with apple cider vinegar, lemon, and cayenne. Or, three days of only eating fruit. It was not a difficult decision. The first option, honestly, sounds disgusting. I went to Piggly Wiggly and cleared out the fruit aisle. For three days, I ate heaping mounds of fruit—baking apples for appetizers and mushing up bananas and freezing them for desert. The point of a detox fast is to clear your system out. The detox worked, well, because of fiber. Fruit has a lot of fiber. I’ll say no more. Continue reading “Rhythms: Fasting”

Prayers for Transformation: Transfiguration

Introduction to Scripture

The transfiguration makes me think of a Japanese art form called kintsugi. Kintsugi artists work with broken pottery, something most of us would throw in the trash. And that’s actually the key to the art—the pottery must be broken. Then, the artists create a lacquer of gold and use it as a glue to rejoin the shards of clay. The end product is a clay pot held together by a web of golden seams. It’s still a broken pot, but it’s bound with beauty. Continue reading “Prayers for Transformation: Transfiguration”

Praying for Miracles: Resurrection

A theologian I admire asks whether you’d let God babysit your child. It’s a strange hypothetical. But would you? He asks this question, tongue in cheek, because it sometimes seems like God isn’t trustworthy. God arbitrarily intervenes here and other times God couldn’t care less. If God is babysitting Eden, would God step in when a car is speeding down Melton and she’s playing in the street? We can never pin down when God is going to do something and when God is just going to sit back and let our free-will wreak havoc. (Tripp Fuller talks about this)

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